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Student Learning Objectives (SLO)


Name of teacher:Adam Rodriguez

Content Area:Visual Imaging Technology

Grade Level:11-12

Academic Year:2016-17

Type of SLO: Class-level

Interval of instruction:September 6th-June 16th


Student Population:

First year VIT students from all six districts. This is only the second year that I have used the ACA certification and I want to see what growth can occur from year one to year two.

Learning Standards or Competencies


     F. Electronic Publishing and Printing, Pre-Press, and Output.

  1. Identify and demonstrate principles of layout and design

  2. Identify type terminology, styles, and uses

  3. Identify proofreader’s marks, proofread and mark-up copy

  4. Make conversions using printer systems of measurement

  5. Demonstrate steps in the creative process (thumbnail, rough, comp, mechanical, etc.)

  6. Crop, scale, and manipulate photographs

  7. Prepare elements for a variety of imposition layouts

  8. Demonstrate basic computer knowledge

  9. Demonstrate proficiency in computer graphic applications

  10. Demonstrate knowledge of pre-flighting electronic files

  11. Output color separations from digital files

  12. Assemble single-color, spot color, and process color jobs

  13. Demonstrate knowledge of personalization by geographic or other characteristics

  14. Demonstrate ability to calculate paper costs for job, waste included

  15. Differentiate between web, multimedia, and print graphics

  16. Exhibit knowledge of PDF workflow

  17. Demonstrate knowledge of different color modes and color management, i.e. CMYK and RGB

  18. Exhibit familiarity with desktop and large format printers

  19. Demonstrate knowledge of scanners, cameras, plate technology, and other peripherals

Baseline Data

Pre Assessment of the CTE area segments. Given during the first week of school. The pretest addresses outcomes in each of the segments.

  • Segment 3:Intro to design and image development

  • Segment 4:Introduction to image output

  • Segment 7:Applied academics

  • Segment 10:Advanced image output


Adobe Certified Associate certification test


Growth Targets

I would like to see 50% of the students earn their ACA certification. These students would need to score a 700/1000 or above to accomplish this.




Last year was the first year using this certification system and approximately 25% of the students earned their certificate. I think it is important to increase the number of students that pass the test. To accomplish this the students in the bottom 30% will need to drastically improve.



Instructional Strategies and Interventions 

I will use weekly short quizzes to constantly monitor the student's knowledge of Electronic Publishing and Printing, Pre-Press, and Output.









This year I was short of my goal in which I wanted 50% of the students to pass the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) test.  41% of my students passed the ACA Photoshop CC exam and 36% passed the Illustrator CC exam. Still relatively new to this testing process I feel that these are still good results. I feel that I have found some problematic areas to focus on in the future.

This year I used an online practice and study program that did not go very well. I will not be using that program in the future. I think that scores can be improved in the future by creating my own practice projects and quizzes for my students. I think utilizing the "training" mode early in the school year will also benefit many beginner level students. 


When reviewing the data I am happy with the growth seen over the course of the school year. Many students came into the class with little or no experience with this software and gained a great amount of knowledge in a relatively short period of time.


By passing this test students earn an industry certification, this test is hard and meant to be hard, if it were easy it would't mean a lot. Those that passed have earned something that is meaningful towards their future career goals. I look at this year of ACA testing as a success and hope to continue improving on these scores in the future.


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