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Tahquamenom Falls 2018

It's the first weekend of our Michigan summer and we have a camping trip planned. This is the first big hiking experience for Ellie and EJ. Day one we set up camp at the Tahquamenom Falls Rivermouth State Park. Our campsite was swarming with bugs, specifically flies and mosquitos. After spraying all the different bug sprays that we had and getting little results we set up camp fighting the bugs. It was getting late and we needed to eat dinner, plus I thought a fire may help with our bug problem. We had purchased fire wood along the road as we were nearing the camp ground, I quickly realized the the wood was wet. I would start it and it just wouldn't stay lit. After nearly an hour I had the smallest little fire, but we had to cook our hotdogs and as we get the them on the fire it starts raining. The kids and Helen have their hotdogs and as I am cooking mine the rain picks up and puts out the fire. I ate mine half cooked. Day one, success?

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