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Visual Imaging Technology

Visual Imaging Technology is about the design and production of media. This class will focus on two major types of media: print media, and electronic media. Print media includes such things as posters and CD covers, business cards, T-shirts, and, literally, a million other things. Electronic media includes such things as digital video and audio, digital photography, animation, and the Internet. What's common between print and electronic media can be summed up this way: it's all digital.

Visual Imaging Technology is a hands-on class in which students learn about each stage of the media production process - and then use the tools they learned about to complete various media production projects and assignments. Given the dynamic nature of the visual imaging industry, one of the primary goals of this class will be to give students a broad range of experience which encompasses both print and electronic media.

Visual Imaging Technology also prepares students to pursue a career path within the graphics industry. You will have the opportunity to find out what real people do in this industry and see what surprising possibilities await you. Going into a college level program for visual imaging or graphic communications or going directly into a job during and after high school are both viable career path options. Realize that you are a prime candidate for local and national scholarships which are specifically for graphics and visual imaging technology students.

Visual Imaging Technology students will complete projects which relate to the 'real world.' This means learning how to produce real stuff for real people (we call these 'clients'). Students will learn advanced techniques for creating images, manipulating images, and using screen printing, offset printing and multimedia tools. Begin to imagine the possibilities.

  • This is a full year course offered in the morning. (AM)

  • Prerequisite: Grades 11 - 12

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