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Graphic Communications

In the Graphic Communications class we concentrate on the design and production of media. The class will focus on two major types of media: print and electronic. Print media refers to such things as posters, CD covers, T-shirts, newspapers, magazines, books, and a million other things. Electronic media is always changing; we are using the newest technology to teach the students the most relevant skills in the workplace today. In the Graphics Communications class electronic media refers to video, audio, digital photography, animation, website development, and so much more.


Graphic Communications is a hands-on class in which students learn about each stage of the media production process, and then use the tools learned to complete various media production projects and assignments. Given the dynamic nature of the graphic communications industry, one of the primary goals of this class will be to give students a broad range of experience which encompasses both print media and electronic media.


Graphic Communications is a beginning class, but from there students can take Advanced Graphics, Visual Imaging Technology, or Photography. This class is a great first step toward a Graphics education and career. If this is a career you may be interested in please talk to your teacher.  We can advise you in future classes, colleges, and scholarships.

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