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Advanced Photography

This is a year long photography class meant for students that have a passion for photography. Many of the students that take this class are looking at photography as a future career or at the very least a serious hobby. We will be shooting with DSLR cameras and editing with the newest Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. We will also be shooting traditional black and white film using 35mm SLR cameras. These images will go through the entire darkroom process in order to make a final image on paper. We produce an image per week so students should set aside two to three hours per week for shooting pictures. Within this class students will learn about shoot, editing, critiquing, and printing images. 

Mr. Rodriguez

My portfolio consists of mainly portrait photography. I think that images of people have unlimited possibilities and can always be interesting. I believe the human connections we make with photography are un-matched. The capturing of that person at that moment in time forever frozen to be examined down to the most minute detail. My family members (wife, daughter, and son) are my favorite subjects and you will see them often in my work. Please check out my Blog by clicking on the link below.

Rodriguez Blog

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